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Collectibles Insurance - For Your Treasured Collection
Coverage offered through American Collectors Insurance

Collections often grow in value, worth much more than the collector imagines. Many collectors don’t realize that relying on homeowners insurance to cover loss or damage could leave them sadly disappointed.  Insure your treasured collections today!

Accidents happen. Homeowners insurance will not cover accidental breakage or damage or loss due to natural disasters such as flood and earthquake. 
The policy features* of the collectibles policy ensure that your treasured collections will be covered for the most common types of damage.

Agreed Value Coverage - Qualifying collections are insured for their full collector value, less any deductible, and never depreciate. Coverage also applies to accessories such as model train layouts, and product packaging.

Automatic Coverage of New Additions - Covers additions to your collection up to $2,000. Just tell us within 30 days.

Broad Coverage - Includes damage caused by accidental breakage, fire, flood, theft, hurricane, earthquake and more.

Inflation Guard Protection - Coverage on scheduled items valued at more than $2,000 automatically increases by 2% quarterly—up to 8% annually—at no extra cost.


Policy Enhancements

Collector’s Choice
Protection specifically designed for collectors who occasionally use items from their collections, such as dinnerware used on holidays, or musical instruments.

In addition, Collector’s Choice covers damage that occurs:

  • During shipment of newly purchased items (perfect for online purchases!)
  • In the repair or restoration process (up to $2,000)
  • While an item is being handled or worked on (up to $2,000)
  • To property stored or displayed outside the residence for more than 30 days
  • Due to theft from an unattended vehicle

Also Available

  • Additional deductible options, including $0 (zero)
  • Discounts for high-values, central station alarms, club or affinity memberships, or in-vault storage


Qualifying Collections

All qualifying personal collections in a household may be covered on the same policy. Below is a partial list of qualifying collectibles and manufacturers, including newly eligible collections. If a collection doesn’t appear on this list, please call us toll-free to speak with a licensed product specialist.

Eligible Collections:

Eligible Examples
Books & Maps Antique & rare
Coins & Bullion Modern, ancient, commemorative
Collectible dinnerware/stemware Lenox, Waterford
Collector Quilts Antique & collectible
Comic Books Marvel, DC
Guns Pre and post WWII
Prints Limited editions
Stamps Collectible, U.S., foreign
Trading cards Historical, movies & sports
Wine Rare, vintage & accessories
Action Figures G.I. Joe, Star Wars
Advertising Memorabilia Breweriana, Coca-Cola
Animation Art Disney, Warner Brothers
Automobilia Gas Pumps, Vintage Signs
Collector Plates Bradford Exchange, Royal Copenhagen
Die Cast ERTL, Matchbox
Dolls Annalee, Barbie, Madame Alexander
Figurines M.I. Hummel, Swarovski, Precious Moments, LladrĪŒ
Jukeboxes Wurlitzer
Militaria Helmets, uniforms, equipment
Model Trains & Sets Lionel, Mike’s Train House
Ornaments Hallmark, Christopher Radko
Pottery McCoy, Lenox
Sports Memorabilia autographed pieces
Teddy Bears Boyds Bears, Steiff
Villages Department 56


  Why does my collection need special protection?
  Because if it's worth collecting, it's worth protecting! An agreed value collectibles policy insures your collectibles for their market value** at the time the policy is purchased. Collector value is based on the condition and rarity of the individual items, as well as any special features. With this coverage, should your collection be stolen or damaged, you are guaranteed the full insured amount, less any applicable deductible. If the property isn't new, then the agreed value is based on established industry guides.
  In contrast, if your collection is insured with a standard personal property policy and it is stolen or damaged, you would not receive collector value, but rather the replacement cost, minus depreciation.
  For example, if your Lionel model train collection was insured for an agreed value of $30,000 and it was destroyed in a house fire, you'd get $30,000 (minus a deductible, if you selected one) from your collectibles policy. If you insured the same property for just its actual cash value (i.e., on a homeowners policy), payment would be significantly less (replacement cost minus depreciation) and you would pay a higher deductible (most likely $500 or more).
  How do I determine what my collection is worth?
  An appraisal is not typically required - just a description & photo of any item in your collection that currently exceeds $2000 in value. If we have a question about the value of your items, we may contact you. We also rely on the expertise of our underwriters and established collector pricing resources to reach a value that is agreeable.
  What's the difference between collectible insurance and valuable personal property insurance?
  Valuable Personal Property (VPP) insurance covers jewelry, furs, fine art and other specific valuable items in the household (such as cameras and musical instruments). There is NO specific coverage for Collectibles. VPP will NOT cover accidental breakage, nor will it cover losses due to certain natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. A collectibles insurance policy will cover ALL qualifying collections in the household. Broad coverage includes damage caused by accidental breakage, fire, flood, theft, hurricane, earthquake and more.

Coverage is not available outside the United States and collections may not be used for commercial or remunerative purposes. Please note that coverage for furniture, fine art, or jewelry is not available.




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